Are You Ready For The Great Boom Ahead?

by Dean Jackson on May 6, 2015

From: Dean Jackson
Winter Haven, FL

Dear Friend,

If you’re seeing what I’m seeing–you know there are still some very big opportunities in Real Estate.

There are two drivers of this new market:

  • Bank Owned Foreclosure Buyers
  • Relocation Buyers

Here’s what I’ve got for you:

I’ve been working for the last several months to develop 2 new completely turn-key Ultimate Marketing Toolkits to make it easy for you to take advantage of the opportunity this market is presenting–

1. The Ultimate Bank Owned Buyer Marketing Toolkit

The prize that is driving first time buyer and investor sales is Bank Owned Homes and foreclosures.

According to NAR’s most recent survey–Bank Owned Homes and Foreclosures accounted for nearly HALF of the sales in the first quarter of 2009.

That’s an incredible number.

The biggest opportunity for YOU is in dominating the BUYING side of the Bank Owned and Foreclosure Market – and the good news is buyers are incredibly responsive to offers for information about Bank Owned Homes and Foreclosures.

Here’s what’s in your Bank Owned Buyer Marketing Toolkit:

Your Own Bank Owned Buyer Magnet webpage

You get a turn-key lead generating webpage specifically about Bank Owned Homes you can use to attract a flood of Bank Owned Buyer leads.

You just fill out a couple of form fields with all your contact information, and which email you want all your leads to go to–and the site builder automatically does the rest.

This lead capture web-page will keep your inbox overflowing with leads

PLUS – I’ve already written DOZENS of lead generating Direct Response Marketing Tools for you to personalize and use to drive traffic to your Bank Owned site:

  • Lead Getting Postcards you can send to apartment complexes and renters.
  • Homes Magazine Ads – Full page, half page, ¼ page ads and banners to use in ads you’re already running to attract Bank Owned Buyers.
  • Lead Generating Business Cards – A low cost stealth strategy, and I’ll show you exactly where to use them, what to say, and who to give them to so you generate the most leads.
  • Free Online Classified Campaigns – I’ll show you how to use Craigslist, Kijiji, and other free online classified sites to get a constant stream of FREE leads.
  • Public Notice Fliers – use these attention-getting fliers at the grocery store, cafes, library bulletin board–PLUS a stealth way to use them even when there’s no bulletin board to put them on.
  • Banners and Text ads for your website – Use these simple plug-ins for your existing website to generate more leads from your existing website visitors.
  • Lead Getting Blog Posts – post these stories on your blog about bank owned homes and link them right to your lead generation page where they can get all the information they want.
  • Ugly Yellow Signs – What to put on free-standing yellow signs to make your phone ring with Bank Owned Buyers.
  • Voicemail Hotline Scripts – Prewritten scripts for your voicemail hotlines. You just record the script and you’re done. No creative writing necessary. I’ve already done it for you.
  • Email Drip Campaigns – I’ve already written email sequences to engage your new prospects in a dialogue and get them to call you–and get together with you right away.
2. The Ultimate Relocation Guide Marketing Toolkit

Relocating buyers are one of the three drivers of this new market–and they are hungry for every bit of information they can get about their new town.

One of the very first BIG direct response successes I had was creating the Guide To Halton Hills Real Estate Prices to attract people who were moving to my area from out of town.

I did my first transaction from the Guide To Halton Hills less than 2 weeks after the very first ad ran!

The guide worked immediately because it gave buyers EXACTLY what they were looking for – INFORMATION about their new community.

The guide has pictures of the most popular house styles, with price ranges, maps and community information so buyers can get a good idea of what houses sell for in your area.

Your guide will be an amazing marketing tool you’ll use for years in good markets and bad.

You get a complete turn-key system to set up and profit from a local guide to your area. I’ve already done all the creative work for you.

Here’s what’s in your Ultimate Relocation Guide Marketing Toolkit:

A copy of the Guide To Halton Hills package that gets mailed out to buyers, with the cover letter, guide and special response inserts.

A turn-key, ready to copy Guide template you can use to set up your own guide to your area.

The EXACT direct response ads you can run to start generating calls for your guide the first time you run them.

A turn-key postcard template, and the secret list you can mail to get a ton of responsive prospects.

I’ll show you exactly how to set up a toll-free voicemail hotline to take all the calls for you–even when you’re not in the office, so the system truly works without you–and

I’ve already written all the voicemail scripts for you.

Exact dialogues to use when you talk to your prospects to help weed out the tire-kickers and bond with the real buyers–so they only want to work with you.

I’ll even show you how to make a PROFIT just by sending out your guide!

You’ll be able to get this system up and running and making money for you before you know it.

In addition to the Ultimate Marketing Toolkits–I’ve got two very important training modules to share with you:

The Art And Science of Turning Leads into Appointments

The most valuable money-making skill you can develop is the ability to turn leads into appointments.

Your new marketing tools are going to keep your inbox flowing with leads, but those leads don’t mean anything if you can’t convert them to appointments.

The key to converting leads is to create an engaging environment where they feel comfortable calling you–and where they feel like it’s THEIR idea.

I’ve put together a complete one year follow up program for home buyers with 12 monthly Homefinder Newsletters you can use to bond with your prospects and make sure they call YOU when they’re ready to buy.

Each newsletter is packed with tips and advice for getting ready to buy a home, and I’ll show you what to include with those newsletters to build your reputation in their eyes – and make it easy for them to take the next step

.You can personalize each newsletter with your picture and contact information.

You’ll use this system with ALL the buyer leads you generate in your business–including sign calls, ad calls, even open house leads.

The newsletters alone would cost more than the entire tuition for this program if you were to create them on your on.

How To Master TheArt of Email Dialogues

If you know what to say in a simple email to a prospect–you’ll be amazed at what they will reveal, and how responsive they are.

Email has become such an incredibly valuable communication tool, and for many people it’s their PREFERRED way of communicating.

In Email Mastery – you’ll learn how to be a master of email dialogues. How to get people to open up for you, and how to let your personality come through.

Many of the leads you generate with your new Marketing Toolkits will be email leads, and your ability to engage them will make all the difference in how many you are able to convert to appointments.

  • the 3 key elements to put in every email you send if you want to get a response.
  • How to automatically deliver timely email follow ups to your prospects
  • How to write emails people can’t help but respond to
  • How to turn your every day emails in to a lead getting machine

PLUS: A 9-word email that revives “dead” leads – and what to say once you revive them!

I’m going to show you everything you need to know to make these three buyer getting systems work for you, and I’ll be doing the coaching calls personally, so I can answer any questions you have.


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